Standard Plasma Cutter

At Steelworx Ltd we are equipped with a Standard Plasma Cutting Machine complete with a 2.5m meter cutting bed; Steelworx  can provide plasma cut parts up to 20mm in thickness.  With our 10 meter x 2.5 meter cutting bed, we are able to fulfil most cutting jobs regardless of size.

CNC Multi Axis Pressbrake Folding

Steelworx Ltd Multi Axis CNC controlled Pressbrake folding machine helps provide a diverse range of folding services to our customers. Our expertise has taken us to be one of the leaders in steel folding solutions.

With the ability to fold up to 4 meters long at 400 tonnes, Steelworx Ltd can offer you a one off folding service or folding as part of an entire project.

Other Services

Steelworx provides a range of top quality services including: